Darryn & Roweida


December 5th, 2020

Invitation From The Parents: Pamela and Rudolfine

Through the intertwined journeys of our lives, we are convinced that family and friends that have become family mean so much to us and we cannot fathom uniting Darryn and Roweida in matrimony without the presence of our loved ones. You are very special to us and in some meaningful way you have played a role in molding Darryn and Roweida into the beautiful souls that they are now and for this we are eternally grateful. It is from this perspective that we as parents cordially invite you to join us in witnessing the marriage of Darryn February and Roweida Kamahene on Saturday, 5 December 2020 at 15h00 (3PM) at Ankawini Safari Lodge.

Groom & Bride


Darryn Jayde February, born on 12th November 1992, second born son of Pamela and Craig February and brother to Barry February. He finds joy in eating brownies and has a keen interest in the world of sound and visual storytelling.



Roweida Remone Tizee Kamahene, born on 1st July 1993, first born daughter of Rudolfine and Paul Kamahene, sister to Rudolf Jr. and Nicole Kamahene. She specializes in programming and enjoys long walks to restaurants and coffee shops.


Our Story

First Meet - 2 April 2014

How we met: I was standing in the line purchasing airtime at UNAM’s Grub (for those who weren’t locals on campus, it’s the main cafeteria). We were both students at the time. It seemed like an ordinary day, and I only had N$5 in my pocket, which was enough for me.

On this particular day I was waiting in line, when a tall, mysterious and gorgeous man approached me. He called out ‘Nicole.’, yet looking right at me. He probably knows my sister, I assumed. So I responded “Yes”. He didn’t seem confused, he replied “Is your name Nicole?” I said “No”,” Why’d you respond?”, “I thought you knew my sister.”

At this point we got to chat, we noticed we shared a mutual first year English class, long story short we exchanged Numbers. The rest is history!!!.

First Date - 3 April 2014

Soon after we exchanged numbers, we would meet up around sunset on UNAM’s Rooftops to study each other (not like that, smdh). At some point we decided to go on a date, I wanted act boujee so I took Roweida to the Museum that looks like a coffee percolator/ spaceship.

I was so nervous I started sweating in the elevator already (also that elevators extremely hot), but also because her sister came with to judge me further :’’). We actually had a fun time, and ended up getting some ice cream down the road.

Proposal - 15 February 2020

Just the day after Valentine’s day, Darryn organized a Safari Spa Getaway. We drove down to Onjala Lodge. I had never been there and was pretty excited. We’ve been on a few road trips together with friends, so I didn’t think anything of it. I was just excited about this new destination. When we got there, we had a lovely lunch and chatted. I thought he would be tired considering he drove the whole way to the Lodge. Seemed like I was the only one that was tired, so I went to the room to get some rest.

A few minutes later, the lodge host came knocking on the door and asked me if we were ready for the Spa treatment. I assumed he must have the wrong room because Darryn hadn’t told me anything about it. Darryn later came to the room and seemed pretty exhausted and fell asleep almost immediately. Not long after, the lodge host came back. I didn’t want to wake Darryn, so I quietly went to answer.

The lodge host told me the Spa people were waiting for us. As I had no idea what he was talking about, I woke Darryn up to explain to the host, because for some reason I was not getting through to him. Darryn wakes up, and informs me, there were, in fact, people waiting for us and I had to dress in something comfy.

We got to the Spa, and I was scheduled for a massage. To my surprise, Darryn says he had to leave. I thought he maybe just forgot something in the room, and he’ll miss a few minutes on his massage. Throughout my massage, he didn’t show and I was a little worried. After the massage, the masseuse asked “Are you ready for your next treatment?”. I responded “Next treatment?”. She said with a smile, “Don’t worry about it, just proceed to the reception.”

I found Darryn at the reception waiting for me, we proceeded to the next treatment, which was a couple’s treatment with fruit cocktails, a scented bath, chocolates, and different fruit scrubs. Obviously in bathing suits, so get your mind out the gutter! After the romantic couple’s treatment, we were just about to head to the room, when Darryn asked if I could go to bar and order us some drinks. “You can even order a coffee if you want, it’s on the rooms account.”

I went to the bar and ordered our drinks. One of the housekeepers noticed that I was in Room 4, and placed her hand over her heart and gushed “I saw your room and I wasn’t sure if I should it clean it.” When she noticed I had a confused look on my face, she just said with a smile “Never mind.” I went back to the room; it was dark inside and the door was ajar. I called out to Darryn, when he told me to come in. The floor was covered with flower petals, and a candlelit path leading to the balcony. I was speechless. When I got to the balcony, Darryn was there waiting for me on one knee, with flower petals, candles all over the balcony. With the most beautiful heartfelt speech that brought me to tears, he asked me “Will you marry me?” With eyes filled with tears of joy, I said “Of course”. At this point, Darryn tells me “I forgot your ring in Windhoek.” Shame, he had a lot on his mind. And now, here we are!

Engagement - 12 & 13 June 2020

After the proposal, I assumed everything was hunky dory as I had asked for permission from Aunty Rudolfine (Roweida’s Mom) after we had climbed Dune 7 a few months before. Aunty Rudolfine gave me her blessing to marry Roweida. A couple of days after I proposed, Roweida informs that we are to have an engagement party at her Mom’s place. In the Nama tradition, before the engagement party there is a formal ceremony called !Game #Gans, which translates to ‘Vrou Vra’ in Afrikaans (Traditional “asking for her hand in marriage”). Part of this tradition is also so that the two families can get to know one another.

Among other things the man’s family has to present various gifts to the woman’s family in an attempt to gain permission from her family as per the tradition. Of the gifts my family had to present, one of them was a pure white sheep, with no marks or blemishes. This sheep had to be killed, butchered and cooked all within the same day of the ceremony. All body parts of the sheep had to be brought with for presentation from myself to Roweida’s family. These included the sheep’s skin, head,and matangara (offal, afval), etc. I’m making this sound simple and easy. Oh no! Barry and I had to go with Roweida’s Uncles Bafana and Sam to go and collect this sheep from a farm not far out of Windhoek.

I, specifically had to choose the blemish-free sheep and catch it (not easy for a city boy). To prove my manhood, I chose to slaughter one of the sheep myself.I wanted to show Roweida that I’m a man now :-). We got two sheep to make sure that everyone at the ceremony had enough to eat. When we returned to Windhoek, I went to get the meat butchered. The unblemished sheep was skinned and gutted, but was kept whole as per tradition. At home, my friends, Brother John and Marcelino (Marce), helped me parcel together the head and offal within the white sheepskin,. I was very nervous and had a lot going on in my mind the whole day. I didn’t want to mess anything up, as the tradition has a very strict set of guidelines. Things like punctuality are held very dear in this tradition, as well as respectfully talking in turn. There are certain things that have to be said from my family at certain points throughout the ceremony and this was new to all the February kasarm (Cape slang for conglomerate/compound) that were there.

Punctually at 6 pm, we (February, Villet, Jacobs, Dammert/Tommasi, Adams kasarm and friends) gathered outside Aunty Rudolfine’s house. Per tradition, the gate to Roweida’s mothers house is locked and we can only go in once they decide to allow us. Part of the tradition, is to pretend that they do not know us and there is a back-and-forth with us stating our reason for the visit. (Side note: This was one of the coldest nights (Friday, 12 June) in the heart of winter (min. 4℃). When we were about to get entrance to the yard, Uncle Bafana (Roweida’s Uncle in case you forgot) told me that I must just have the sheep parcel ready to be inspected to prove that all the parts were present. It was then I realized that I had forgotten the sheep (the main gift) at home. I asked Marce to please drive from Dorado Park all the way to Avis. All the while, I’ve got about 20 of my family members waiting outside with me in support, including the patriarch of our Clan, Pa James Villet (87 years young). At this point I still hadn’t let my family know that the sheep wasn’t here, as I didn’t want anyone to panic. But hey, I had to some point. After some stern words from Uncle B, Marcelino eventually came in a haste and we were let in. It’s not novel for a family to get turned away in this tradition.

We eventually started proceedings and after an eventful night with plenty of tears and laughter, I was happy to have the honor of Roweida’s hand in marriage from her entire family. I am thankful for all the support I received from everyone during this time. It was all worth it because having Roweida here with me means so much more now.

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